Monday, June 22, 2015

Pool Day!

Ciao! Hope you had a great weekend! How did you spend it? I had a very relaxing one, the weather here was perfect, sunny and windy, perfect for a pool day. Did I ever tell you that I'm a swimmer? Since I was a little girl I used to swim. Actually when I was little girl I didn't really enjoy it, I did it because my parents made me go. But when I grew up and I was looking for a sport to keep me in shape and healthy I thought that swimming was not a bad idea after all, and now I love it! When I'm in the pool I feel light and free and I can do 40 laps without feeling tired because the water keeps me fresh. I also enjoy doing yoga and pilates, they are so good for my back and posture. What about you? What is your favorite sport? Anyways, this was my look for a day at the pool with friends, hope you like it! I think that bright green and purple look so good together. Have a great week! 
Love, Fede

Shirtdress: Zara / Beach bag: Ralph Lauren / Sandals: Steve Madden / Sunnies: Rayban Erika

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